Basspark Warehouse Rave

Basspark Warehouse Rave

Basspark Warehouse Rave (flyer)
georganiseerd door Basspark
onbekende locatie buiten
Genres (schatting)
drum & bass × 8
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22.6·gemiddelde leeftijd
21.6·leeftijd mediaan
With Tunnel Vision being cancelled, we decided to step things up a notch, and with "things", we mean ⚠️ Everything.

In the middle of the Rave season, we're taking you on a magical journey through the natural outskirts of Amsterdam 🌙

Not only are we protected from bad weather, but it has also given us much more space to play around with lighting, visuals and lasers.

Due to this event being indoor, the walking route to the location has to be secure.
The entrance will obviously still be free. We will have parking guards and security staff to control the flow of people.

Last year's raves lasted until 7-8am, and this will be no different.

What to expect
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