Innovation In The Dam (flyer)
georganiseerd door Innovation Site
Genres (schatting)
drum & bass × 33
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Voorverkoop is gestart op woensdag 12 juli 2017 om 10:00.
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You've heard the stories & yes the hype is real. Innovation In The Dam is back for another huge drum'n'bass weekender with another massive line-up! Taking place in Amsterdam over 3 nights at 2 of the cities most prestigious super-club venues... with a few extra surpises thrown into the mix, you don't want to miss Innovation In The Dam 2017!

THAT'S NOT ALL... On Saturday we will be hosting our largest ever daytime boat party event on a huge 600 capcity luxury cruiser, as well as our ever popular Sunday afternoon D&B session at The Bulldog in Leidseplein, Amsterdam's largest coffee shop!

Invite your friends, book your flights, & we'll see you IN THE DAM!
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