WMC Miami Rooftop Celebration

WMC Miami Rooftop Celebration

WMC Miami Rooftop Celebration (flyer)
georganiseerd door Check In Site
W Amsterdam op de kaart Site binnen
Genres (schatting)
house × 2, soul, r&b, hip hop, techhouse
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MiamiRooftopParty | W Amsterdam

Join us on Thursday March 23rd for Miami Rooftop Party as we celebrate Miami Music Week! The party starts at 7pm sharp!

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe descend on Miami during the last week of March as the city transforms itself into a dance music paradise known as Miami Music Week. Experience the “REAL” Miami vibe at 5 star W Amsterdam!

Be glamorous! Add hip-hop, latin and electronic beats to the mix and get ready to kick start your weekend a little early and let loose of your inner inhibitions whilst enjoying the killer city view!

MUSIC BY: Nass Mea | Joshua Walter | Maj Ulbrand
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