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Into the Factory (flyer)
Genres (schatting)
techno × 39, house × 20, minimal × 11, techhouse × 6
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Shuttle bus Stockholm:€ 40,-
camping:€ 40,-
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Into the Factory is a totally new festival outside of Stockholm, Sweden, taking place August 10–12 2017. The musical focus will be on the thriving advanced electronic music scene.

The venue is called Stora Vika, an industrial park, far away from domiciliation. The buildings and the silos will still be there, but the perception of them will totally change when adding sounds, lights and art to the area. Just like the sister festivals, nothing is left to chance when it comes to the whole experience. Music, art, technology, food and beverage are very important components here. The industrial impression, and the area surrounding it, together with the concept for this festival will definitely create a unique feeling.
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