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Fonzi - 50% of The Noisemaking Criminals
Heb me goed geamuseerd, muziekaal gezien echt een topfeest! Geluid was ook weer in orde!! Hop naar de volgende, aanrader voor iedereen !!!
Thanks for having me!! was fucking awesome om met Stolen Cult te beuken :D

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Wanneer mensen in het nauw gedreven worden, gebeuren er duistere dingen. Dat heeft Sounds Of The North vorige keer bewezen. Na eindelijk een deel van het terrein te hebben teruggewonnen is het tijd om vooruit te denken. Blijven doorgaan met nieuwe, revolutionaire manieren van audiovisuele oorlogsvoering is de enige oplossing om stand te houden. Ook deze keer staat Sounds of the North klaar met een ijzersterke editie van A-Bomb, genaamd A-bomb: Evolution – Jeffius Bday Party. 5
With all the talk about another cold war we’re almost forgetting what the real threat to society is: the A-Bomb!

With it’s everlasting evolution we’re prone to keeping the explosion at bay.
Trying out new strategies to keep our deployment swift and lethal we’ve invited several leading soldiers who stand for the evolution in hardcore. Instead of sticking to what you know we are all about moving forward and so are these gentlemen.

A-Bomb : Evolution "Jeffius Birthday"

Hardcore // Industrial Hardcore // Crossbreed // D&B // UK Hardcore

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Our first and certainly not last partner in crime is a man well known for his dark melodic skills in the hardcore work.­ Being in the scene for as long as it’s existed he’s an expert in bringing it to you raw.­
In charge of the lead dropping, we welcome Lunatic!
On the verge of extinction we severely rely on help from our neighbouring countries, one in particular.­ To get the best out on every aspect we’ve asked this man to bring forth the best in darker styles.­ All the way from the north, Luxxer!
We’d be lying if we were telling you this deployment is entirely random, because we have a birthday boy amongst our midst.­ None other than commander in charge Jeffius is here to blow out some candles and kick a little ass while doing so.­ Ready to whip out some deadly kicks he’s not going to hold back.­

We’ve established that the usual tactics will not work this time, that’s what the Evolution is all about.­ That’s why we’ve brought one man who may be the leader in innovative and experimental hardcore.­ You’d be best not to oppose him.­ Give it up for Meander!
Not everybody we’ve invited is as clandestine as the rest.­ Sometimes you need to be able to trust the ones who run against all rules and defy the standard.­ Dark times call for dark deeds and these boys are well known for doing exactly that.­ The Noisemaking Criminals!
Here to assure we don’t get sloppy, Stolen Cult will bring out every means possible to keep us on track.­ Harbinger of hard bass music, this guy will severely damage any opposition we may face on the battlefield.­

Alongside all the others we needed one guy to give ‘em hell, a wild card up our sleeves.­ When everything else fails we rely on Total.­ Fucking.­ Destruction.­ Hired all the way from the UK, Dolphin will come and deliver us carnage.­
Dj Ruvis is what we call a combat artist.­ He does not simply destroy his target, he does it with style.­ Rising up on the ranks he is well known for building up the tempo until only damage can be heard.­
Last but not least we’ve opted for a soldier who’s keen to industrial destruction.­ Skim might not be our highest in command but he sure isn’t new to the battleground.­ The icing on the cake some may say.­
We wish all of our soldiers good luck in battle.­
Teveel tekst jef! Hahaha
Thanks voor de kaarten :D Vrijdag rammen, zin in!