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Muzikaal sehr ganz!
Mr. Eckie
roeien met Rino
Rino was erg bot!
yo wessto...­ je bedoelt met rino was het te bruut!
Techno LuuKoSs
Rino :respect: Idd pike flexibellen in de flexibar met FreshBPM
Wat een Avond!! Zwaar Los!!
Zonder Rino Cerrone was dit de kutste avond ooit geweest! Leip publiek en Dub Kult...­ tjsa ik kan er niks goeds aan noemen wat een CRAP!
Through the eyes of a Pikey
Gianni &­ Rino heerlijke warme napoli techno...­en erg flexibelle flexbar...­gruwelijk..­

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rinooo :smoke:
laatste aanpassing
Vet Dub Kult in Nederland!!!
Funktion one sound system in de FLEXbar!
Uitspraak van op zaterdag 26 april 2008 om 14:06:
Funktion one sound system in de FLEXbar!

yeahh dat maakt het helemaal compleet!! zinnn innn!!
Uitspraak van op zaterdag 26 april 2008 om 14:06:
Funktion one sound system in de FLEXbar!

VET!!!! Is dit alleen voor deze avond, of heeft de flexbar dit aangeschaft?? Ik neem aan dat dit is aangeschaft.
Werkzaam bij Piekup
Uitspraak van Jeroen-Theo (l) Techno op maandag 28 april 2008 om 22:18:
ET!!!! Is dit alleen voor deze avond, of heeft de flexbar dit aangeschaft?? Ik neem aan dat dit is aangeschaft.­

hangt er al een tijdje jeroentje!
Uitspraak van JimInc op dinsdag 6 mei 2008 om 14:46:
hangt er al een tijdje jeroentje

Sorry Bertje :D

Ben al een hele tijd niet in de Flexbar geweest, snel maar weer eens een keertje langskomen :)
tot hoelaat is het?
ik ben dan net klaar met me examens dus kan er vol tegenaan!!
Daarna met z'n alle naar Shoeless...­ Begint om 12u 's middags met o.­a.­ Rauwkost, Olivier Weiter en velen andere!
jajaa zeker zin in eindelijk klaar met school dus de perfecte afsluiter!!
Fresh &­ Loose,

Is er mogelijk al een Time Table bekend? Wil HAITO voor geen goud missen!
Word een mooi feestje heb wat info van de site over de artiesten!

dub KOLT
dub KULT has been making music and DJing since 1990. His records and his label, Living, get props from everyone from Bug to Villalobos to Weatherall to Vath. He’s been remixed by Guido Schneider and remixed Efendin, and been in Groove’s top 10 techno releases of the year as early as 2003. He's released on Warp's offshoot Arcola, German labels Traum and Raum...Musik, Belgium’s Curle and has a track coming on the UK’s Veryverywrongindeed and a remix of Petar Dundov due out this year on Music Man. He did the soundtrack for Channel 4's upcoming Burning Man film, the Tomorrow's World Live show and he’s played every where from Watergate, Berlin, to Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Always pushing the boundaries and an experimentalist at heart, he has developed a unique, bleeding edge live AV set with integrated improvised music and live triggered/generated visuals. dub KULT doesn't serve up an arid musical mono-culture, but a rich mix. The diversity of his music is a reflection of his background ­ half-Indian, half-English, part-time member of both the cool crowd and the geek gaggle, neither definitively house nor techno. The music he makes is for both the head and the body. It is both experimental and accessible. Even tunes that seem made for those moments when you're lost on the dance-floor always have some latent, brooding meaning ­ an intention. Like few DJs of his generation, dub KULT understands that at the centre of clubbing madness lies a still, reflective core. It's a special insight into party music that's great for your mind, body and soul. dub KULT is a man whose whole career has been dedicated to the un-ending call-and-response of rhythm, this time expressed in electronic music.


Airport Departure Mix Series Volume 2 (2xCD) - Bells Of Death - Airport Records - 2003
Warp WIFOF2003 Mix (CD) - Bells Of Death - Warp Records - 2003
In The Mix: The Sound Of The Fourth Season (2xCD, Dig) - Bells Of Death - Cocoon Recordings - 2004
Stick Of Joy (2xCD) - On And On - Kosmo Records - 2004
Body Language Vol. 1 By M.A.N.D.Y. (CD) - On & On (Guido Schneid... - Get Physical Music - 2005
Circoloco At DC10 Ibiza : Monday Morning Session (2xCD + DVD) - On & On (Guido Schneid... - Four:Twenty Recordings - 2005
E Traffic (CD) - On And On (Guido Schne... - Electronic Music Events - 2005
Groove CD #93/N°2 (CD) - On And On (Guido Schne... - Groove - 2005
Kreucht & Fleucht (2xCD) - On And On (Guido Schne... - Mischwald - 2005
Nightdrive (2xCD) - On And On - Resist Music - 2005
Raum...Musik Compilation 2005 (2x12") - Peanut - Raum...musik - 2005
SonneMondSterne Compilation 05 (2xCD) - On & On (Guido Schneid... - EMI Catalogue Marketing - 2005
What About Tech Now? (CD) - On And On (Guido Schne... - Toys For Boys Records - 2005
Honkytonks: The Last Dance (2xCD) - Twelve - EQ / Stomp - 2006
Kiddaz.FM Mix Series 002 : Boy Got Bass (2xCD) - Bip - - 2006
Loops Part 1 (File, WAV) - Loop 1 Beat, Loop 1 Be... - Produkt Schallplatten - 2006
Tekknotik (File, MP3, 192) - Crazy Dub - Loopzilla - 2006
Loops Part 2 (File, WAV) - Loop3 Beat1, Loop3 Bea... - Produkt Schallplatten - 2007
Mindin Business Part 2 "Interstellar Groove Addictions" (2xCD) - Se Tui Aavikolta - Tuning Spork Records - 2007
Separation Anxiety (File, MP3, 192) - Silence - Mixotic - 2007
Jubilee 1 (File, WAV) - dodgy gate loop1, dodg... - Produkt Schallplatten - 2008

Haito Göpfrich

Haito Göpfrich started his Dj career in 1988,after listening to the sets of Hans Nieswandt, Eric D. Clark and Dirk Schwering at their famous SPEX-parties at DAS SCHIFF in the habour of Lake of Konstanz. He was infected with the DJ-Virus at once! After spinning records for years in the South of Germany in Clubs like M1/ Stuttgart,das Unnbekannte Tier/Stuttgart, Oxa/Zürich and many others, he decided to move to Berlin in 1996. Soon he was resident in clubs like Toaster Berlin, Suicide Club Berlin, 90 Grad, Gmf @ Wmf and Casino Club Berlin. He also played at Mayday, Loveparades since 94(E-werk/Tresor/Polar Tv/ Casino). Several Tours brought him to places like Japan, Columbia, Greece, France, Poland and many other countries around the globe. From 1999-2003 he was booker, resident and owner of Casino Berlin, till it´s closedown in Oktober 2003. Since 2000 he also produces elektronik music , which is released on labels like Ghetto charge, Haikaimusic, Freundschaft Musik, Spagat . He remixed act´s like Soffy O., Die Raketen, Susie van der Meer , Paula and Pitchtuner, to name a few. In 2004 he started his own label Spagat with his friend and partner Lexy. He´s the second half of the Berlin Live-act Trash mo pet and the Label Haikai music with his partner Stuffit Releases on Labels: Spagat, Ghetto charge, Haikai, Use-me-records, ElektrikKingdom, Mayday Freundschaft Musik Acker records Other activities: Spagatmusic / Labelowner (with Lexy) Producer / Remixer Haikaimusic / Labelowner with Stuffit /Trash Mo Pet That´s what friends are for!!! (Partyserie) Casino Berlin B. & O. closed since Resident DJ at: Sternradio (Berlin) GMF at WMF (Berlin) Pulp Mansion (Berlin) Rohstofflager/Stratos (Zürich)** Former Residencies: Suicide Club Berlin Casino Berlin Das Boot (Konstanz) Bookings international: Holland/Belgien Portugal France Greece Colombia/ Venezuela

Check for more info:
HAITO Begint om 0.­00 uur!!!
Werkzaam bij Flexbar

Mind 01 22:00 to 23:50
Haito 23:50 to 1:10
dub KULT live 1:10 to 2:10
Gianni Pellechia &­ Detail b2b 2:20 to 3:40
Rino Cerrone 3:40 to 5:00
Uitspraak van Rein Dmitrischenko op zaterdag 31 mei 2008 om 21:49:
Uitspraak van Chandima op vrijdag 30 mei 2008 om 19:48:

1uur en 20min vind jij niet kort voor een dj van dat kaliber?


10 voor half 4 tot en met half 6 vind ik toch een heerlijke einde van deze avond....