Q-base · Trailer, ticket sales & new hosting partners

Q-base · Trailer, ticket sales & new hosting partners

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The endboss of all festivals returns for those who crave to go all-out. On September 9, Airport Weeze's abandoned air force base sets the stage for the ultimate 14-hour rave. With ten areas to test the limits of your eardrums, this is the place where ravers become Die Hards: Q-BASE.

Become a Die Hard. Ticket sales start on May 27 (13:00 CEST) at

Travel & Stay Packages
Turn your Q-BASE experience in to a holiday weekend you will never forget. Q-dance Travel offers a variety of 3-night weekend packages in a cottage/apartment or a stay in a hotel nearby.

All packages include:
  • a Q-BASE entrance ticket
  • 3 nights in a cottage/apartment or 1,2, 3 or 4 nights in a hotel nearby
  • Transfers to from Q-BASE

Travel & Stay packages will be available at May 20th at 13:00 (CEST) via Q-dance Travel.

Watch the Q-BASE 2017 trailer now.

As experienced Die Hards already know, the real magic of Q-BASE begins when the night kicks in. Embrace the darkness and let the rave intensify, while the volume increases beat after beat. The night is our fuel, the rave is our domain.

Each year, Q-BASE represents the roughest side of the harder styles. Explore today's leading sound at the Hangar, Warehouse and Mainstage, or venture into the hardest part of Q-BASE with 'PRSPCT' and 'Bunker Kom Je Niet'. New additions this year are '25 Years of The Viper', 'Nightbreed: Running With Wolves', 'Gearbox Digital' and 'Parookaville. To top it all, Q-dance curates this year's Hardstyle area containing multiple exclusive acts, while the classic area is hosted by none other than Noisecontroller's 'Attack Again Tour'.

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dit jaar zekers aanwezig dus kom maar op q base bam bam :)