Iconic legend Kraftwerk to perform live at UMF Poland

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The UMF Poland artist roster jumps up yet another notch with the announcement of a live performance from electronic music legend Kraftwerk. The band blew minds at UMF Miami this year with their robotic mix of music, technology and visuals. Not only is Kraftwerk inarguably one of EDM's pioneering forces, but they continue to engage their audience with pixelated social commentary and robotic rhythm. Excitement about the upcoming event is also Growing among other invited artists. Martin Solveig, who is opening for Madonna on her new MDNA tour in Europe, says: 'It's a great pleasure to play at UMF and I can't wait to hit the stage!' Richie Hawtin says he is also happy to be on board for the first UMF event in Europe: 'Particularly as it's with the Carl Cox Arena, which has been a great home to me at UMF in recent years.' A host of newcomer talent has also been added to the line-up with the likes of Qpid, Pixel Cheese, Arctic Moon, Orla Feeney, Indecent Noise, and more. UMF Poland definitely has all the right ingredients to become one of the most Exciting festivals in Europe this summer – and the most accessible.

Kraftwerk: There are big names and then there are legends.
There are few bands that have been able to remain as truly progressive as Kraftwerk. They influenced most pop, hip-hop and electronic music artists coming after them and particularly the ones who tend to play at UMF. The computer-graphic imagery they developed at the start of their career basically prophesized the future of the entire technological revolution and its obsession with data bits. This is some of the most awesome dance music mixing ever and the matrix style of their visuals combined with its provocative content is as cutting-edge and relevant today as it was in the 1970s, when Kraftwerk first hypnotized the dance floor. Their performance at UMF Miami this year received star reviews, all of which concurred that Kraftwerk delivered the best show of the night. What can fans expect in Poland? Impossible to say for sure, but most probably the best of Kraftwerk with classics like "Autobahn", newer releases like the hard, fast, and ethereal "Tour de France" and the dark keys of "Computer Love." Kraftwerk: another reason to make the journey to UMF Poland in July.

Polish DJs in the limelight
The secret to a good festival is in the mix and UMF Poland is no stranger to finding the ideal balance between established dance music pioneers like Carl Cox and newer global players like Avicii, whose first single only came out a few years ago. A few other rising stars include two young Swedish-based DJs – 23 year old Jerry Rekonius and Jeff Marino as Qpid, whose first single "Under the radar" was written by Tony Nilsson, Darin Zanyar and Teddy Sky, who also wrote the world hit "On the floor" for Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull. Polish DJs are also getting in the limelight, including Pixel Cheese, known for his Innovative remixes of David Guetta, Avicii and Gareth Emery; Arctic Moon who has also been called upon by world famous DJs to do their remixes and whose career has really exploded in the last year; Indecent Noise, a Warsaw native; two Polish brothers known as Blinders; house, progressive and tech producer Bream; Detroit-inspired minimal techno DJ Jacek Sienkiewicz and studio owner, DJ-producer Mr. Root.

UMF Poland: Do it your way.
UMF Poland organizers have put together a variety of ticket packages for just about every budget, from 2,000 exclusive VIP tickets with priority access to the main stage and after parties, as well as Saturday-only tickets for those who can't stay the whole two days. Less than five weeks until UMF Poland rocks Warsaw, so book now and experience the sensational music and the energy of the international dance music community partying under Polish skies.

Tickets for UMF Poland on July 13th and 14th in Warsaw are available at the UMF Poland website as well as from online ticket agency Eventim and in all Empik stores.

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wat een bizarre line-up zeg, damn :kwijl:
Waar halen ze het geld vandaan, om zoveel grote bijna onbetaalbare artiesten te boeken, vraag je je toch af, met een redelijke ticket prijs.­maar kraftwerk hebben is wel heel gaaf! Whe are the machine!
Redelijke ticketprice?? Ik vind 114€ best wel aan de prijzige kant....­
Zonde dat ze zo slecht werden ontvangen op UMF2012 in Miami..­

Legendes <3
en waarom dit soort feestje niet meer in nederland ???????????????
Regeltje's! En natuurijk de ticketprijs! Ons ben zuunig!
Kraftwerk is inderdaad een legendarische act maar om eerlijk te zijn zo heel boeiend allemaal niet meer om te zien :) Houd het wel bij de vinyltjes..