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Muziekproducties door The Earfucker / Rumbler
123 kicked (smal preview) · 1 attempt to make frenchcore syle3 okt 20171:03frenchcore
3th darkwar9 nov 20091:59darkcore
A kick 2 play13 dec 20093:22industrial hardcore
A kick to play final edition6 mrt 20103:22industrial hardcore
Afraid of the dark core14 mrt 20173:29darkcore
Afsluiten met een H#kkie (FREE DOWNLOAD)12 mrt 20172:05hardcore
Art of core (preview)30 aug 20182:44hardcore
Back to early style · Short Preview23 sep 20172:38early hardcore
Back to oldskool hardcore16 mei 20164:32hardcore
Back To The Next Generation25 aug 20174:19hardcore
Beat Breakers · 160bpm version (freestyle)6 okt 20173:39breakbeat
Beat Breakers Hardcore edit · Final edition7 okt 20173:48hardcore
Beenie beenie · beenie man dancehall remix11 nov 20172:15industrial hardcore
Brain killers29 jun 20173:39hardcore
Cocane till I die17 mei 20092:41hardcore
Dangerous thoughts18 nov 20092:44darkcore
Day Dreamers12 okt 20174:34industrial techno
Detoxication10 aug 20093:43hardcore
DnB & Hardcore young stunner25 mrt 20172:31hardcore
Dont give a fuck11 jan 20182:05uptempo hardcore
Double the bass11 aug 20093:40hardcore
Dutch Hardtrapper12 okt 20151:38trap
Dutch Hardtrapper12 okt 20151:38trap
Experience of core (preview)9 apr 20183:18hardcore
Failure of war · 220 bpm uptempo2 sep 20174:01hardcore
First RAW before sex12 mrt 20172:57raw hardstyle
From begin till the end · preview13 mei 20171:47hardstyle
Fuck happy shit9 okt 20142:49hardcore
Fuck the fuckers (update)27 feb 20133:09hardcore
Gabbers of lonsdale26 mei 20172:15hardcore
Go hard for core18 apr 20172:46hardcore
Go Uptempo 200bpm( Smal preview)12 mrt 20170:40hardcore
Hard for dark (preview)13 mrt 20171:31darkcore
Hard for Koor18 jul 20174:13hardcore
Hardcore 4 strings · bootleg17 jun 20173:46hardcore
Hardcore for ever22 apr 20163:15early hardcore
Hardcore VS Trance18 jul 20093:33hardcore
Hardstyle domination10 nov 20102:18hardstyle
Harmony Of Core gonna be a star (preview)31 mrt 20172:06raw hardstyle
Harry poeste Jawohhh ja!!! (Afmaken of weggooien)16 mrt 20171:01hardcore
How it's made [the last episode] · The way to create Hardcore VIDEO3 jul 20172:41hardcore
I can't move · preview27 sep 20092:04hardcore
I can't move final2 okt 20093:08hardcore
I take your soul · preview25 okt 20091:55darkcore
I WIL BE BACK (small preview)18 nov 20172:56industrial techno
I will take you and I will kill you10 aug 20093:11hardcore
I'll take your soul24 jan 20132:21hardcore
Industrial nation (preview)9 apr 20132:31industrial hardcore
Keep your soul alive8 mei 20172:02trap
Kick breakers (preview2)4 nov 20173:35hardcore
Kick raggers (preview)1 aug 20182:57uptempo hardcore
Kick up the bass29 apr 20093:13hardcore
Lethal Industry goes to Hardcore19 jul 20162:56hardcore
MC geert wilders goes Hardcore!!!21 mrt 20173:10hardcore
Never stop raving (DUNE) · DUNE REMIX2 nov 20173:55hardcore
Overdrive · preview12 sep 20092:27hardcore
Patiently Waiting (REMIX preview) (50 Cent) · just for fun3 nov 20172:18trap
Play the fucking track (preview)30 aug 20182:48uptempo hardcore
Project mars18 jul 20174:28hardcore
Raise your blood pressure XTC25 apr 20093:53hardcore
Raise your finger6 feb 20132:44hardcore
RameBam · first preview18 aug 20172:29hardcore
Raw Power Bass Power30 nov 20175:01raw hardstyle
Remember the old days · free download14 jun 20173:01early hardcore
Samba & Dancehall (Preview)15 mrt 20131:05dancehall
Skin Infection · Collab met Scimmietta16 nov 20093:36darkcore
The antimatter factory30 mei 20173:16industrial hardcore
The core of nation17 apr 20172:45industrial hardcore
The dark side of core12 mrt 20172:43darkcore
The disaster on the first Monday of the month29 sep 20173:26industrial hardcore
The Dutch black vipers25 apr 20094:15hardcore
THE EARFUCKER - Hardcore in to choir (last preview)14 mei 20183:23hardcore
The experimental project of House11 jun 20173:03experimental
The final shit Down (preview)12 mrt 20172:46hardcore
The first edition26 apr 20092:34industrial hardcore
The fucking fly Is dead · uptempo 180 bpm raggen13 mei 20172:59hardcore
The Hardcore Gladiator · preview 2 with cutt off kicks19 mei 20172:43hardcore
The indian camelrider22 jul 20173:23hardcore
The industrial space factory28 apr 20093:09industrial hardcore
The kick player · preview21 apr 20171:32industrial hardcore
The killing age (preview)11 jul 20183:06hardcore
The Last Rebirth with beavis & butthead12 mrt 20172:42raw hardstyle
The millennium Hardcore bootleg mini MIX · Produced mix with famous 90s melodies21 sep 201710:32oldschool
The Moon house project6 jun 20173:41house
The new born gabbers · first preview!!!22 mei 20171:52raw hardstyle
The nucleair sun explosion28 apr 20092:58darkcore
The piano game (preview intro)16 aug 20172:32raw hardstyle
The Religion Of Ravers · 200bpm vocals in progres7 sep 20174:55hardcore
The sunday kick player · preview29 mei 20171:38industrial hardcore
The twist pitcher · preview16 sep 20173:43hardcore
The untraceable das boot!! (preview4)12 mrt 20172:16raw hardstyle
This fist on his fist (Deze vuist op deze vuist)1 aug 20173:27hardcore
Trip to planet Core12 mrt 20172:00raw hardstyle
Turn off the light Nelly? · [Bootleg]24 jun 20173:32hardcore
Under pressure (preview)9 apr 20181:52hardcore
Who tha ma flow17 mei 20093:54hardcore
Wiggle the wiggle (preview)28 apr 20171:32hardcore
Wiggle to the wiggles29 apr 20172:53hardcore
World Domination12 mrt 20171:49raw hardstyle
Young Stunner (uptempo edit 180 BPM final edit!!)10 apr 20172:23hardcore
Your worst nightmare · small preview25 aug 20173:23raw hardstyle