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Chill :)
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Erg leuke plek om te werken (y):D
ik moet altijd andere mensen mijn paddos laten halen... grrrr, ze latenme nooit binnen.. kuttent:@
Uitspraak van verwijderd op maandag 14 mei 2007 om 12:29:
ik moet altijd andere mensen mijn paddos laten halen...­ grrrr, ze latenme nooit binnen..­ kuttent bent ook een kind van 15.
2.oordeel niet over een tent waar je nooit binnen
geweest bent.
28e weer, komt allen
het is een hele mooie tent
The most elegant shop in Leeuwarden.­ Almost every Saturday there is a live DJ, the house DJs are very different in styles of music and tastes.­ With music like minimal, lounge and pop it is a very hip place to get your weed.­ On the lowest floor is a bar with very exotic thea and drinks.­ There is also a computer with internet on it and of course it's free.­ The first floor is the floor where the DJ booth is, and what for booth it's a piano.­ It completely gets to you with the old building that gives a natural flavour and with the right drink and music you exerly believe you are somewhere else.­ The highest floor brings everything together with a great view and relaxing places to sit.­ Visit Repelsteeltje in Leeuwarden.­ They say the building is 700 years old.­ I don't know about that, but it's decorated in a classy Dutch ancient manner.­ The shop covers three floors, the ground floor is a bar area, the first floor a pool area and where the DJ sets up on a Saturday night, the top floor has comfy table / chairs and a sofa area.­ The clientele was by night part couples out for night, small groups playing pool and those giggly Greek kids on the sofas having a great time.­ During the day the shop was fairly quiet and a nice place to get a cup of tea (great selection, but I say that about anyplace that has Lapsang Souchang, just relax.­ They have an iMac on the ground floor for customers to freely use.­ The music is unusual, kind of New Age at times, but the selection includes more traditional fare as well.­ It's located in a big red building on the corner of Eewal and Grote Hoogestraat.­ Maybe the best all around shop we've ever visited.­
When your sitting on 1st or 2nd you can watch what's going on on the street.­
Mooie shop en lounge:)
Lekker met je jointje achter de spideman flipperkast, AA'tje erbij en stoned worden;)
Repel moet de LOTR kast terughalen.­ Spiderman is uber saai en easy.­
jaaA wel chille shop ff een j roken en portie paddo stoelen halen:D:D
Is dit een shop met minimal/techno en partyflocknotering? :lol: vette shit... jammer dat het zo ver van me af ligt anders was ik zeker een keer komen kijken!
In 2009 weer de vertrouwde djs en producers....­

Conforce, Niels Luinenburg, Jelle, Ronny, VJ Codec,
Quintos, Mohlao, Damian Keane
lekker relaxed jointje roken daar!
chille shoppa
Een van de mooiste en relaxte shop van het noorden!