Dave Seaman launches Seladoria at ADE

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Hello Dave, where are you in the world right now?

I'm in London. In the studio finishing off a new track just in time for ADE :)
Firstly, Seladoria launches on 20 October in Club NL during ADE. Tell us a little about the Seladoria concept and how it came about, please?
It's something we've been working on for a while. We wanted to bring a little more fun, color, and unpredictability to our parties. Something a little more immersive than your standard label showcase. So as our name is derived from the film Donnie Darko, we felt we should try to develop that theme. So, otherworldy. The whole idea of going down the rabbit hole into another world for a few hours is very much the ethos of what clubbing should be about for us. A little trip into Wonderland.

Please tell us who is performing on the night, and why you chose this as a venue to host the launch of Seladoria?

Alongside myself and Steve, we have Quivver, EdOne, Luke Brancaccio and Christian Nielsen all DJing all of whom have featured quite a lot on the label over the last couple of years. And yes, we're back at NL for our 3rd time. It's a great little club with a rich history, almost legendary status. It's got a great sound system in a very central, easy-to-reach location and we get on really well with the owners and staff there, so it ticks a lot of boxes for us.
You've played in Amsterdam many times over the years. What do you like about the city?
Ha! Yeah, I've been coming to Amsterdam for longer than I care to remember! I love its sense of freedom and tolerance and the fact that it really appreciates and supports what clubs and dance music bring to the city.
What have been your highlights of the summer and early autumn so far?
I've had an amazing run of gigs, I've been really spoilt, so it's hard to pick favorites. These last 6 weeks alone, I've done Brazil, Tel Aviv, Costa Rica, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Mexico and an off-the-charts sell-out arena show with a full orchestra in Belfast. I'm getting goosebumps again here just thinking about it!

You one of those DJs who spends almost as much on the road (or in the air) as in the clubs. How do you juggle gigs and studio work?

With difficulty! Running the label is also very time consuming and I also have a family now so I'm constantly spinning the plates. To be honest, I only do 2 days a month in the studio these days. I go down to London and immerse myself in a friend's studio there away from everything and try to be disciplined enough to finish one project every time I'm there. Not having the luxury of too much time can really focus the mind.

Selador Recordings is prolific as a label now, with many releases from the likes of Luke Brancaccio, Steve Parry, Zoo Brazil, yourself and many, many more. What do you look for in a record before releasing it?

The only criteria we have is that both Steve & I have to love it. We both have to feel that excitement or it doesn't pass the test. We're not too stuck on any one genre as we both can play a wide array of electronic music so we try to keep an open mind.

You also perform as 3D alongside Danny Howells and Darren Emerson - can you tell our readers what's it like touring with them? How the setup is different from playing solo? And any amusing stories from the road?

It's been great fun. We've all known each other for many years and have plowed our individual careers but coming together has been a bit of a challenge as even though we have shared history and backgrounds, we're all a bit different and have our own particular ways of doing things so we've all had to compromise for the greater good of the project. But I think a challenge is good at this stage in our careers and mutual respect has shone through. As for amusing stories, they happen on a daily basis. Maybe that's for another interview! We really do genuinely have a lot of fun together.

What's on the horizon for you as an artist we move towards 2020?]

I'm actually back in Holland in a couple of weeks with C-Jay and the Sessions crew at Toffler in Rotterdam on November 1st before hitting the road again with Danny & Darren to Peru, Colombia, Mexico & The US. We also have a new 3D EP set for release on Darren's newly resurrected Underwater label with each of us contributing a track. Plus, on a personal note, I'm moving house, so amongst other things, there's a lot of vinyl needs sorting and shifting!!