Outbreak: The virus is spreading


Outbreak: The virus is spreading

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Outbreak: The virus is spreading (afbeelding)
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The Australian J.P. Pirrello is in the world of hardstyle better known as Outbreak. At the age of 29 he is he is still a fresh new name in the hardstyle scene. Signed to 'WE R' and already playing at big parties. Partyflock takes a look at his past, present and future.

When did you decide to do something with music and more specific hardstyle music?
Since I was young, I was always surrounded by music. Singing and playing different instruments has always been a part of my life. High School music class got me more into music because since that moment I wanted to know everything about music.

Around 2002 I started with DJing. I used to go record shopping every week and spend my entire pay on vinyl. By listening to the tracks I bought, I got a feeling for the music and I was hooked. That feeling which any hardstyle lover knows when they hear the music.

At a certain point you get more professional with DJing and you needed a name for your act. You choose Outbreak, why?
Trying to find a new name is not so easy as everyone thinks. You want that unique name with a real meaning. I think I went through 300 names before I found Outbreak. You should see all my notes!

When I came across Outbreak I knew I was onto a winner. It had such a deep meaning for me. Life is about new challenges and that's what Outbreak gave me… break out of what I had been doing and break out of the box and do something new.

Back then you were still spinning records in Australia. How is the scene over there?
Nowadays it's better than ever. There are lots of new and great artists coming up and more support then I have ever seen before. There are more club nights and events going now so in turn this helps the scene grow even more. Back in the days I still remember half the promoters telling me that hardstyle would amount to nothing and it would die in Australia. It's just great to see them eating their words!

But now you're spinning your records everywhere and you moved to The Netherlands...
I actually moved here in 2010, before that I had been traveling and going to parties since 2005. As an Australian hardstyle producer/dj, your ultimate dream is to be able to be a part of the amazing scene in Europe one day. It's great to play at home but there is a much bigger world out there to be a part of.

I wanted to live that dream and give it a go in The Netherlands and nothing was going to step in my way to fulfil my dream. After discussing with my friends here in The Netherlands and my family back in Australia, I decided to pack my stuff and move.

That's why I never live the 'What if life' and just go for it...

After a while you got involved with the label WE R. How did this happen?
Fabian, Corey and Elie are all great friends of mine and guided me over the past couple of years. They were the ones who pointed me in the right direction and made sure that I followed the correct path and made the right choices. Without them I would still be banging pots and pans in the kitchen.

WE R gave us all a change to be a part of a family, somewhere with no rules and just mates making and releasing music that we all like and love. When they asked me to be there, there was no question about it.

And then suddenly a new name popped up in the scene, Outbreak, with a few banging tracks. Why was it so silent before that?
Well for you guys it was out of nowhere but behind the scenes Outbreak was something that I had been working on for a year and half, before the name was even announced. I think Code Black played my first track 'A New Today' at Headhunterz the October before I launched the following June and the track was made the March previous to that.

The reason it was so silent was, I was so busy in the studio getting everything prepared. I wanted to create something special, something different and something unique. And from that you get Outbreak!

Outbreak wasn't really known at the start. The fact of being unknown in a long existing scene seems like a big step. Did it affect you?
You know, that was the risk that I was willing to take. When you start something new you can never expect how things are going to be taken by the fans. You can only hope that people will enjoy and experience something that you created.

The support I have received from everyone since the begining has been nothing short of amazing and more than I could ever have expected! If I haven't said it to everyone already: thank you!

What was your first big performance as Outbreak? And how did it feel?
My first big performance as Outbreak was Defqon.1 festival 2013. It was also the first time I had ever played Live at an event. To be honest with you, this had to be one of the most amazing experiences ever! I worked my ass off the year and a half and even up to the day before the performance to try and get everything ready for the launch. Words can't describe the feeling of seeing all the people that were there dancing to my new music. I was so nervous and stressed but I mean what better way could it have started?

Those people who danced to your music are your fans. How important are they for you and do you take time for them?
Fans are the best! I love each and everyone who supports me, even the ones that don't! No but seriously, without them I wouldn't be where I am today, they are the backbone of every artist. I try to make time everyday to respond to posts on my social media and messages. Sometimes it may take a little to reply but it is great to chat to everyone!

Do you have a special ritual or preparations before you go to a gig?
I'm always late with putting new music on my USB. Most of the time on the day of the performance I leave it to the last minutes before leaving. Don't mind the fact I know for months that this is going to happen but it just feels right to do it at the last minute.

Rituals are not my thing. I have some things in my bag that I have collected over the years. I believe I still have a piece of rubber or something like that which I found at Qlimax in 2006. The only thing I really do is check my bag 1000 times before I leave, making sure my headphones and USB's are in there, not that the moved after the last time I checked, but still….

Everyone has ambitions, plans and goals. What are yours? Any anthems or Albums planned?
Of course I have them, wouldn't be healthy if I had none. I want to play at every party there is, every country and every club. I want to do it all and want to meet everyone! My dream would come true if I could play at Qlimax or Hardbass, it has always been a goal and I guess it's one of the big ones to achieve in this scene.

Further I have no anthems planned at the moment. I'm still developing my own sound, once that is settled I can look at what great opportunities come up. Ultimate goal would be the Qlimax anthem since I already have a great idea for that.

In regards to an album. I just wrote like 12 new tracks for my live show. An album is something that I would like to do but not just yet. But more like when the time is right..

Which are the upcoming artists that are going to pop up in 2014, like you did I 2013?
Wow, there are so many talented artists around at the moment. Some from back home to watch out for are definitely The Strangerz, Fanatics, The Khemist, Atlas and Dillytek. They are really helping build the scene in Australia.

Final question: What do you have to say to your fans?
To all my raw mother fuckers! Make sure you join the Outbreak Epidemic and help spread the infection! See you soon at an infection site near you!

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Ik ben de laatste jaren redelijk kieskeurig wat hardstyle betreft, maar deze gast is echt heel goed (Y)
Dikke tracks met een hoogwaardige kwaliteit. De verassing op XQ Brennan Heart. Deze pak ik vaker mee, als ik de naam in de line up zie staan op de aankomende festivals

Adaro - Hit you with that bang shit (Outbreak mix) :respect:
Werkzaam bij La Bomba
Artiest RVE
Die "get the mean" vs DVB is toch ook van hem? Dikke klapper :yes:
Jammer dat er geen woord gerept wordt over nitrouz of over fusion. Wel worden er hints gegeven waarom hij is overgestapt ;). Interview is leuk om te lezen :)
Outbreak! :respect:
Uitspraak van mees_89 op vrijdag 7 maart 2014 om 13:43:
Jammer dat er geen woord gerept wordt over nitrouz of over fusion. Wel worden er hints gegeven waarom hij is overgestapt ;). Interview is leuk om te lezen :)

dat vind ik ook al zo raar. Z'n eerdere naam Nitrouz (onder de vleugels van Fusion) is idd. nergens terug te vinden, terwijl hij met die naam toch al wel aardig 'bekend' was hier.