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DJ Arkane lives in Paris, France and first started Djing in 1998 at raves and free parties in Toulouse. He played exclusively Dark hardcore & industrial music. From 2005 to 2009 he organized lots of legal and illegal parties in Paris, with a mix of different styles of music (with Arawak soundsystem).
Nevertheless, he describes his style as hypnotic and technical, with scratches, big cuts and mixing lots of different styles together.

His influences are mainly punk, hardcore, industrial- electro, breakcore, crossbreed hard drum and bass, and gabber with hip hop. He also Plays Techno, Hardtechno, Acid Techno Rave, old electro hip hop, Scratch DMC.
He likes keep his sound fresh and up to date.
The Underground Massacre #214 PartyflockCascino dei FioriBorgo di Terzo
Acid-X, Bekka, Bisturi, Chiodo, Geoff Da Chef, HCM, Heinrich, Hellcreator, Kaali, KCMA, Kobe, Lenz, Lithium, Mindfaker, Nico 303, Ninetysix, Not a DJ, OMBRA, Pauly, Raf, and 6 other artists →
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