ParAmourLibéré Mix-Live@Zulderkuh 6-2-2018 (Trying To Win A Spot On Footworxx Dj Contest March 2018 PART.28 Fev 201850:56hardtek
ParAmourLibéré Mix-Live@Zulderkuh 6-2-2018 (Trying To Win A Spot On Footworxx Dj Contest March 2018 PART.18 Fev 201849:15frenchcore
Dj Skoo-K - You Know What (Bassface Remix)1 Fev 20186:34hardstyle
Trap--MiniMix (Feb.2018)1 Fev 201810:46trap
HardcoreMix (Feb.2018)26 Jan 201831:33hardcore
BigAss & Tits · Jan.201823 Jan 20183:55hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - Blow Your Mind · Short Version22 Jan 20183:06hardcore
Dont give a fuck11 Jan 20182:05uptempo hardcore
Hands Up! · PROMO9 Jan 20185:00trance
Happy-HardcoreMix --[ Dune Special ]-- (Jan.2018)7 Jan 201825:17happy hardcore
90's EuroDance - MiniMix (Jan.2018)6 Jan 201814:4490s
HardcoreMix (Jan.2018) · Happy New Year!31 Dec 201734:05hardcore
Road To Freedom29 Dec 20174:48electronica
Merry Christmas-Mix (Dec.2017)22 Dec 201753:35hardcore
Single19 Dec 20173:13hardcore
Uptempo-MiniMix --[Deadly Guns]-- (Dec.2017)10 Dec 201715:56uptempo hardcore
Checkin my Style1 Dec 20176:41techno
Raw Power Bass Power30 Nov 20175:01raw hardstyle
HardcoreMix (Dec.2017)28 Nov 201730:50hardcore
I WIL BE BACK (small preview)18 Nov 20172:56industrial techno
Billions and Billions and Billions... (Ft. Donald Trump) · A small joke.....14 Nov 20170:41hardcore
Beenie beenie · beenie man dancehall remix11 Nov 20172:15industrial hardcore
My Synth Feeling · Synth / Mellody only 10 Nov 20175:28wave
Kick breakers (preview2)4 Nov 20173:35hardcore
Patiently Waiting (REMIX preview) (50 Cent) · just for fun3 Nov 20172:18trap
Never stop raving (DUNE) · DUNE REMIX2 Nov 20173:55hardcore
HardcoreMix (Nov.2017)31 Oct 201736:04hardcore
For My Friends31 Oct 20172:53electronica
Dj Skoo-K - RaveHoer · Intro-Preview27 Oct 20171:11hardcore
Uptempo-MiniMix --[Unproven]-- (Ockt.2017)17 Oct 201716:11uptempo hardcore
Day Dreamers12 Oct 20174:34industrial techno
Uptempo-HardcoreMix (Ockt.2017)11 Oct 201727:54uptempo hardcore
Beat Breakers Hardcore edit · Final edition7 Oct 20173:48hardcore
Beat Breakers · 160bpm version (freestyle)6 Oct 20173:39breakbeat
123 kicked (smal preview) · 1 attempt to make frenchcore syle3 Oct 20171:03frenchcore
The disaster on the first Monday of the month29 Sept 20173:26industrial hardcore
Back to early style · Short Preview23 Sept 20172:38early hardcore
The millennium Hardcore bootleg mini MIX · Produced mix with famous 90s melodies21 Sept 201710:32oldschool
HardcoreMix (Sept.2017)21 Sept 201733:47hardcore
The 90s Hits -MiniMix- (Sept.2017)20 Sept 201717:5290s
The twist pitcher · preview16 Sept 20173:43hardcore
The Religion Of Ravers · 200bpm vocals in progres7 Sept 20174:55hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - Seks met die kale · Hardcore Remix-26 Sept 20175:27hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - Sex met die kale · Hardcore Remix-16 Sept 20174:34hardcore
TBA #2 (Ft. Amos & Calderon) · Puzzelstukken Demo (Never released)2 Sept 20173:58grime
Failure of war · 220 bpm uptempo2 Sept 20174:01hardcore
Stronger · Preview2 Sept 20171:52hardcore
Dj Dizzy Helemaal van je pad mix! Augustus 2017 · Hardcore tot aan je bot mix27 Aou 20171:21:57hardcore
Back To The Next Generation25 Aou 20174:19hardcore
Schat ik ben thuis · -Fast production- (Funny Track)24 Aou 20172:45hardcore