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Artiest Whrikk
Hello Dancers out there!

As an introduction I’m a freelance cameraman, and working for a small Dutch record company

I’m looking for people/students who want perform in our upcoming TECKTONIK – DVD. This DVD will be include 16 tecktonik tracks/(street)video clips. To create the street-styled video clips for these 16 tracks we are looking for dancers.
The DVD will contain a professional part and a step-by-step learning program for movements associated with “Tecktonik” style. And as Bonus some You-Tube minded (low-Quality) video shots

The scenes we’ve got in mind are mainly: TECKTONIK dancing in public area’s (like: McDonalds, under bridges, in the metro, in the train, at airport, at skate ovals, on a square, you name it we tape it…)

For the recording of this project it would be preferable if you and your friends visit The Netherlands in the next weeks from there you will receive the scenario of the shooting-days.

We will provide music due to Copyright reasons and if you wish we could send samples of our selection to your location.

We are still in need of more performers so we we’re wondering if you would know and refer to other friends/performers who would be interested in showcasing their skills on this DVD as well.


Matthijs van der Geest