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Friends, gabbers-to-the-bone and other seasoned die-hard underground fanatics will connect in brotherhood again when two Hardcore powers from The Netherlands and Germany join forces once more.

On Saturday the 8th of November 2014 in the Westerunie and Westerliefde in Amsterdam, a relentless dose of Up-tempo Hardcore, Frenchore and Early Harcore will be welded into one massive entirety of fortitude. This one goes out to you; for the music, for the scene, for the passion with which both organizations have been throwing parties since the first day they arose. Multigroove and Ruhr ‘G’ Beat proudly collaborate in a production that lights the spark in the heart of the true Hardcore lover; The Core Connection.

Multigroove came in touch with the unstoppable enthusiasts of Ruhr ‘G’ Beat at a DefQon party, learning that these German brothers-in-arms visited a host of Multigroove parties already. And they would never miss a single edition of Ground Zero Festival, although they were visiting festivals all around the Europe. A connection arose and when Ruhr ‘G’ Beat decided to start organizing their own parties, it was inevitable that Multigroove started a collaboration with them. They organized some kick-ass parties with Party Raiser and a bunch of other top artists in an old mining tower in Germany, the Förderturm in Bönen. And that’s where the partnership with Multigroove started in 2013, with a sell-out edition of Hellbound – Hardcore Republic. That same year Multigroove approached them for hosting their own Ruhr ‘G’ Beat area at Ground Zero Festival; it rocked like two worlds colliding into another. The Core Connection was born, no question these guys would return at Ground Zero Festival 2014. And so you just witnessed, followed with a banging Hardcore concept on the 8th of November that speaks for itself; with The Core Connection a new era of Hardcore will begin, this is one to be set for the books. Let’s all put our hands together and stand united as one, because that’s what the Core Connection is all about. Expect much more to come from this Core Connection between Multigroove and Ruhr ‘G’ Beat.

Adrenokrome (Frankrijk)
Carles S (Spanje)
Chosen Few
F. NøIzE (Italië)
Frantic Freak
Lenny Dee (Verenigde Staten)
Mainstage Maffia
Mental Penetration
Miss Hysteria
Rheeza favoriet
The Demon Dwarf
Tieum (Frankrijk)
X-Mind (Italië)

Amsterdam, Westerunie

Datum en tijd
Zaterdag 8 november
21:00 - 05:00

early hardcore, early terror, frenchcore, hardcore

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