NameFrank van Bracht
FunctionDJ, producer
Genresdarkcore, hardcore
A Ruffryder as they come: proud and thoroughly motivated to bring the latest and most energy packed beats to the crowd. Business is on, time to get ruff!
After the millennium bug craze lay down, Frank van Bracht decided to pick up playing vinyl in the early 2000's. Buying a set of turntables and slowly building up a collection of hardcore releases, Ruffryder entered the scene. As a local from the southern part of the Netherlands, Frank's first performance was set at 'Hardcore Impact', a party in his hometown of Venray. After this first performance Ruffryder immediately became a resident DJ at the event, in turn giving him the opportunity to further develop his DJ skills...
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Party agenda Ruffryder
Last performance was on Saturday 29 October 2016: Halloween Hardcore 2.0, Riddim, Venray
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Hardcore ImpactO.J.C. Dingus, Venray
Hardcore ImpactO.J.C. Dingus, Venray
Hardcore ImpactO.J.C. Dingus, Venray
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