HumaNature (foto)
NaamAndré Soares
Leeftijd26 - 27
Genresdrum & bass, liquid drum & bass
HumaNature is André Soares, a 23 year old portuguese DJ/producer born in the Azores Islands. When he was 2 years old he moved with his parents to the USA where he started producing at the age of 18, mainly influenced by the Liquid Drum & Bass movement. In 2014 he moved to Oporto, Portugal to pursue a career in the Drum & Bass world. Despite his young age, HumaNature already has an impressive number of releases under his belt. Amongst those, a co-lab between Skeletone & Silence Groove, released as a 12" vinyl on the dutch label Fokuz Recordings. This year, 2016 he is taking a different approach with his career and is working much closer with Fokuz Recordings. He has already signed his "Bring It Back EP" that will release on July 18th...
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