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NaamNigar Zeynep
As a music enthusiast and dedicated partygoer, Zozo (aka Nigar Zeynep) has been in the center of Istanbul dance music scene since the late 90's. Being exposed to music and club culture for a long time, Dj'ing grew in her naturally. She started collecting and playing music in 2007. Her musical taste; a blend of funk, disco and some soul classics slowly involved into sequencer driven house, slo-mo techno, spacey electronics and naturally some oriental influences from her roots. She describes her genre; 'oriental crime', as a funny approach. In 2010-2011, Zozo did the musical direction of 'Hush' ; a gallery and bar on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. There she also had the chance to play regularly and master her skills in the booth...
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 30 augustus 2018: Atlas Electronic, Villa Janna, Marrakech
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