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Genresgoa, progressive, techhouse, techno, trance
It all began in 1991 when the first techno sounds reached Basel. Beat Herren first started playing at illegal parties in Basel City. But soon he was heavily involved in the setup of Basel's first techno club called SOXX Dancehall. After doing the bookings he was offered to take over the management of SOXX Dancehall. With approx. 1400 visitors per night, SOXX Dancehall was one of the most popular clubs in Switzerland.
Beat Herren aka 'DJ Fantasy Dream" was one of the first Swiss DJ's playing trance. He jetted to Amsterdam, Stuttgart and London to get the latest and trendiest trance vinyl discs. His sets were so impressive that he was being hired as a resident DJ at SOXX Dancehall. SOXX Dancehall was sold to new owners in 1995...
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