Dario Rossi (foto)
Functieproducer, instrumentalist
Leeftijd28 - 29
He is a one of the best known drummers in the world for his unique performances. His music, and especially his way of procuding it, represents an unicum into electronic music scene.
Born in 1988, he started making experiments with sound playing on objects and making music out of them.
Dario began studying drums at the age of ten, and then he enters the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome to further specialize. In 2011, in London, he brings for the first time in the street his set composed by recycled items, just for a performing experiment.
In a few minutes Piccadilly Circus is crowded by quite an amount of people amazed by Dario's talent and performance, who's equally surprised by the success of his experiment...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 9 december 2017: The 4th winter of love, Thuishaven, Amsterdam
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