NaamChristophe Claeze
Geboortedatum25 november
Genreshouse, trance
Dj Claeze started his career in 2007 in Pat krimson's concept Taboo club.
He was also resident dj in macqueen and played several party's allready, after 3 years he disappeard from the scene because of circumstances.
Last year he made his comback when Jimmy Goldschmitz & Vanja Vandecasteele asked him to play a guest-set for Club Carat.
After a succesfull edition they asked him again, and from then on he played his way back in the scene.
Meanwhile he competed in a Dj contest for Cooldownfest where he ended as winner from 18 contesters.

Dj Claeze is known for his Retro-house-trance music preferable with Lp, like he started back in the days.
Watch out for this dj in the future, cause he plays with hearth and soul his way back up.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 27 juli 2018: Heaven, Paenhuys, Riemst
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