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Vertical (foto)
NaamJoonas Lehtinen
Genresgoa, psytrance
Vertical is born and bred in Finland. He has always been in to electronic music and around 1997 he started to experiment with compositions of his own.

His first contact with Goa trance was in 1996, but he started to get more interested in to psytrance around the year 2001 through various Finnish and international projects. 2002 he attended to his first psy party which was definetily the kick start for him to make this kind of music.

He gets his inspiration from parties and everyday life, nature, space and what not.
The music is a mixture of funny and serious, mind and dancefloor friendly psytrance.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 10 maart 2018: Time Traveler, Elementenstraat, Amsterdam
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