Polygon (foto)
NaamJulian Plak & Elliot Galofaro
FunctieDJ, groep
daPlaque, Julian Plak
Volture, Elliot Galofaro
Genresdrum & bass
Being not just any duo, Julian and Elliot knew, from the moment they met, something special was about to happen. Combining their skills as producer and DJ created a chemistry which evolved into the duo we now know as Polygon.

Electronic music has played a big part in both their lives, it is the reason they wanted to work and 'live' the music life. 'Polygon' is not just a producing, DJ duo, but something more. A feeling. The combination of feelings and powerful melodies makes their songs able to dance to, listen to at home and easy to like.

After getting noticed by labels such as Liquicity and Viper, 2018 is going to be the year where Polygon steps forward. a new, hardworking duo which is going to show the world they're here to stay.
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