Efe Erdem (foto)
Genresfunk, jazz, latin, pop, soul
Born and raised in Turkey, Efe Erdem was influenced by music ever since he can remember.
In 2000 started his studies at the Hacettepe conservatory in Ankara he continued perfecting his craft with the help of A. Bedii Durham.
He took classical trombone lessons and besides that he was very interested in various genres like jazz, blues and latin music.
At the age of 15 years young he had played with many orchestra's and bands.
He also got a taste of playing in concerthalls and theaters with the focus on jazz and improvisation.
In 2008 he spread out his wings and emigrated to Rotterdam - The Netherlands to continue his studies at Codarts Conservatory as a student of alumn Bart van Lier and Ilja Reingoud...
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 28 januari 2018: Wicked Jazz Sounds, Sugarfactory, Amsterdam
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