Blackstreet (foto)
NaamChauncey Hannibal
Eric Williams
Terrell Philips
Teddy Riley
Functielive act, groep
HerkomstVerenigde Staten
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Backstreet is one of the most celebrated American r&b groups of all time.
Found in 1994 by Teddy Riley, other members include Chauncey Hannibal, Eric Williams, and Terrell Philips, whilst Joe Stonestreet, Levi Little, David Hollister, and Mark Middleton have also all played a part over the years.
As soon as they released their debut album they saw chart success and singles such as 'Booti Call" and 'Before I Let You Go" both became Top 40 hits.
It was their collaboration with Dr Dre, 'no Diggity", though, that really shot them to global stardom and since then they have never looked back.
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