DJane Mirjami (foto)
NaamMirjam Ochman
Genreselectro, harddance, house, techno, trance, trap
Mirjami was born in Germany about 25 years ago.
She has been involved in the club music industry for about 7 years.
She started off her journey with getting a job of booking manager and music project promotion manager.
Ultimately, she decided to make a step forward and create something on her own.
That's why she has been appearing as DJ Mirjami in numerous clubs for the last two years.
Two years may not sound like much but in that time Miriami managed to play in places like Japan, Indonesia, Albania, Malesia, China, Taiwan, Arab Emirates, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Estonia, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy and of course Germany.
She made use of her adventure as a music-discovering DJ to create her own tracks...
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