Tom & Hills (foto)
NaamPetri Mäkitalo & Ramon Soivio
FunctieDJ, groep
Tom & Hills is one of the most promising electronic music duos. Their style is a fresh mixture of progressive house where nu skool & old school meet with the sound of tomorrow. The boys draw their inspiration from a wide variety of artists, from Pryda and Lifelike to Fred Falke and Sub Focus. So far they've released music through Intricate (RUS), Substream (SWE) and Universal Music Finland, with DJ Orkidea as their A&R. Tom & Hills' single "Digital Love" was released by EGO Music Italy and hit itunes Dance Top 10 in Italy in just 2 days after the release. Their next single "Lighters" is feated by Troi, who recently collaborated with Lupe Fiasco and T.I.
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