Ozai (foto)
NaamTarik Berkane
AliasTarik Berkane
Ever since Ozai was a little kid, he had a connection with music. Hearing Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop music at that age is what shaped him to the person he is today. First album he ever listened to from beginning to end was 2Pacalypse Now. From that point on he was completely in love with HipHop. Not too many years later he discovered the evolved sound of RnB. After getting hooked on music Ozai realized that he was gonna do something with music growing up. As a teenager Ozai met a DJ/Dancer from his hometown area that found out about his passion for music. This was at a time where he expanded his musical horizon & had discovered a lot of new genre's like UK Garage/UK Bass, Dubstep, Future beats...
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