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Genreshardstyle, metal
My name is Gijs "GyZe" Hermans, I'm a vocalist orientated in Metal/Grunts. I'm the lead vocalist for the band Ill Trusted and also recently I started doing vocals for DJ's and producers (Trypsin, DJ Terror and others).
I'm inspired by different vocalists like Corey Taylor, Max Cavallera, Randy Blythe, Peter Tatgren, Pjotr Wiwczarek, Maynard James Keenan, Johan Hegg, Devin Townsend, Jens Kidman and many others.

Somewhere allong the way my brother took me to a Hardstyle party in 2008, and from that moment on my love for this music began to grow, and still is growing. I've been to a lot of great and big party's since then and I realy started to think about doing vocals for this kind of music as well.
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