NaamRomano Louhatapessy
AliasCool Kids
Average kids with a dream. Yes new kid on the block, Romano Louhatapessy aka Hidden Desire is one of them. After listening to the legendary UK Garage CD's of 2steps Ahead in the early years of 2000 he wanted to experience it in reallife. This is what made him sneak up in dance-clubs with the ID of his cousin on the age of 15. Since then he knew he wanted to be a part of this scene. Throwing crazy sold out parties and working together with big rising artists like Lady Bee and Cesqeaux behind the scene. These same people pushed him to follow their footsteps. Still working on his own sound already resulted in a full EP which is almost ready to hit the clubs...
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 30 mei 2019: Festivaart, DRU Park, Ulft
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