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Dario Nuñez has maintained a strong commitment to quality over the last 18 years:

Recognized as one of the top National DJs and Producers of Spain, he hasbecome the Resident Dj of Bora Bora Baccanali in Ibiza & New mensual resident at best Clubs in the north of Spain;

As well as producer of the TOP Hits of the monthly beatport list; Enough reasons but not the only ones

More than a hundred performances during the last year, which has led him to be known in the most popular Clubs around the world:Miami, Los Angeles, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Bulgaria, Ukraine, France, Germany, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt, Indonesia, Vietnam, Moscú etc.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 22 oktober 2016: Hoerenbal, Church, Amsterdam
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