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Ever feel like your being watched in your most intimate hour ? well its probably him ... "Peeping Tom", He invades the privacy of innocent peoples lives, their friends and their minds through the piercing eyes of his camera and the hypnotic melodies of his throbbing beats. Music hasn't got sexier its just getting Pestier ... for this young Techno Fritzel.

Been On the House and Techno circuit for some time now molesting dance floors and where ever I can. Playing across major Venues/nights in London & beyond, over seas and..... of course peeping from the trees of lush green & woody festivals, Last year whipping the knickers off the Remix bubble arena @ The Secret Garden Party Festival, playing a very special sunrise set till 6AM.
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 19 oktober 2017: Freakin909 Legendary boat party, Klaas Kompaan
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