Tribal Kush (foto)
NaamBodhi Bodhi & Dreadville & Enrick Bove
FunctieDJ, groep
Genrescaribbean, dancehall, EDM, moombahton, trap
Tribal Kush is a group that's main focus is on for future tropical genres, in 2015 the three men get together and began experimenting on new sounds and rythms. Dreadville, Enrick Bove (Producers/Dj's) & Bodhi (Producer/MC) together forms Tribal Kush, by blending different music genres together and still adding a special spin the group creates a uniq sounds what they call Tropical Bass. By combining EDM, Caribean sound, Trap, Moombahton and Future Dancehall Tribal Kush knows how to make sauce it up and move the mass, the group has taken 2015 to conjour their inspiration and in April 2016 Tribal Kush launches their first remix. Soon more will follow because the guys are working hard on their debut EP that's planned for late 2016...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 2 juni 2017: Wicked, Red, Leeuwarden
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