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NaamGiovanny Felida
FunctieDJ, groep
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  • Hard Effects


Hard Effectz is a rising star in the Hardcore scene and started his career only in June 2016. But already from a very young age his passion for music was always there. It began with dancing, heavily influenced by Michael Jackson and Hip-Hop Music. After that he turned his focus on Rapping, which is still a big part of his life. For instance the vocals in the track "Project Uptempo" by Hard Effectz & Trespassed are from Hard Effectz himself!

He always knew there was something else. Something where he knew he would stand for. And the first time he touched a deck he found it:

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Harder is Beter · S-Kill invites × The Final Part = livestream
18:00 - 02:00
2 Partyflock
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15 november 2019
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