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NaamDonny Nguyen
Lucrid was his old alias in 2013 where he just wanted to become Hard dance DJ, he now has a new identity "Paralyzer" to carry out on his journey as a DJ as well as a Hardstyle Producer.

Paralyzer became a DJ in April 2013 when he bought his first DJ set, which was the DDJ- SX. He started self learning from the DDJ SX and looked up guides and started creating his own set of skills and tricks.

IQON festival in 2013 was his first rave party that changed his views on the hard dance scene. This influenced him to become a successful DJ.

Paralyzer wants to become Melbourne's best Hardstyle DJ and be known for his technical abilities.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 14 oktober 2016: The Unleashed Offensive, Venue, Melbourne
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