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"Lydi" comes form the Norwegian word "lyd i", and means "sound in" or "volume within" The alias has followed her the entire life, as she is known for making a lot of noise. Born in Oslo, she grew up playing the violin and piano. Her curiosity has taken her around the entire world, and eventually she ended up in Berlin.

Currently she is the co-owner of two record labels, actively engaged in artist management in a well-known agency, and touring as a Dj throughout the world. A workaholic with a butterfly image...

Deep and bassy, you find her sound somewhere between techno and tech-house, though fresh, vivid and happy.

Her distinctive sound definitely makes her a "must hear' in the clubs and festivals around the world.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 21 oktober 2016: 10 years of Flying Circus vs This and that, Dok Amsterdam, Amsterdam
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