Rocky-B (foto)
NaamRoi Assayag
Functielive act, MC
Genresacid, disco, house
Roi Assayag has a undeniable Musical talent. It also has the quality of the philosopher: to ask questions, These two features have made him what he is today: a musical ambassador." Jeunen Afrique

The Tropikal Camel is a sonic journey into the urban sound of middle eastern/North African futurism. A original fusion between traditional Arabic music with cutting edge electronic sounds. mixing the past and the future, melting the sounds of Kurdistan and Morocco, Jerusalem and Berlin.
The project's unique musical language is hybriding poly rhythmic percussion's, chopped samples, Arabic melodies & deep sub bass lines...
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Party agenda Rocky-B
Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 30 september 2016: Pantropical ◊ Arab Film Festival, Roodkapje, Rotterdam
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