NaamTim Joosten
Genresafro, dancehall, latin, moombahton
Tim Joosten, a young DJ (20).
Born in The Netherlands in a small town called 'Venlo'. When Tim turned 10 he came in touch with drums. After 1 year he decided to take a break. But he never got back behind the drums.

When Tim turned 15 he decided to buy a cheap midi DJ controller and downloaded Virtual DJ. He liked it very much and made his own livesets and putted it on SoundCloud and YouTube. Shortly after that he decided to make more time for DJ'ing and bought 2 CDJ's, a mixer, special effects, disco lights and speakers with a subwoofer. After that he got his first bookings at local party's.

A year later he made a bootleg of Danza Kuduro. He got very much positive reactions and support from many DJ's, national and international.
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Laatste optreden was op maandag 16 oktober 2017: This Is Monday, Manhattan, Arnhem
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