Onirika (foto)
NaamRoberta Galvini
Genreselectronica, house, minimal, techno
Having been in the business from around 25 years, DJ Onirika has set new standards in the Italian music scene. She can be undoubtedly considered the most important and the most talented female DJ in the country.

Her career started during '90 when she began to take part to rave parties which took place between Trieste, her native Italian city and Slovenia. Since her very first steps, she showed great musical taste, impressive technique and a nice style. Her fame grew fast, and even faster when she decided to move to Rimini in 1998.

She quickly became resident DJ in the most famous venues in town, such as Classic (well known for its afterhours parties), Ecu, Echoes and Peter Pan.
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 11 september 2016: Sunday at Elements, Elements, Sant Miquel
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