NaamLuca Donzelli
Genreshouse, minimal, techno
Interacting with people by telling them a story made of music, behind two turntables, has always been his distinctive feature.
Bigpassion, refined style and maniacal attention for every detail, are the values that have always characterized Luca Donzelli, even when, only twenty years old, he made his first steps in the world of clubbing. Thanks to his engaging sets and to the originality of his ideas, he succeeded to make himself appreciate in the tuscany's music scenary since he was really young.
In the following years he became resident dj of some local clubs and, thanks to his dedication to job, "the bet" turned into a real talent! The next step came when he made music production has his workhorse...
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Laatste optreden was op woensdag 27 september 2017: HYTE ◊ Fuse Ibiza, Amnesia, San Rafael
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