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NaamMaurizio Verbeni
Maurizio Verbeni 'Jazz Voice" started his dj career in 1979 in Rome at well-known locales Jakie O's, Gil's, Blu Zone and famous stylist Gil Cagne's club Gasolyne. He established himself quickly playing all over Italy at Rebus Tropea in Calabria, Dorian Gray in Perugia and Kinki in Bologna. In 1986 Maurizio began producing records under the name 'Jazz Voice" and in 1992 the world heard this voice with the release of his self-titled track on New York label Radikal Records. 'Jazz Voice" the single was picked up by compilations worldwide and Maurizio Verbeni enjoyed his own global success as a dj. In the next five years Maurizio produced tracks for other labels such as X-Energy, Media Records and majors Epic, MBG, BMG, and Sony Music...
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