G1KIM (foto)
HerkomstZuid Korea
DJ G1KIM is a Korean DJ&Producer and has been playing Deep house and Underground house music since 2009 in Hollywood, Los Angeles and South Korea. He has put on many popular events and parties in the Hollywood club scene such as AVALON HOLLYWOOD, EXCHANGE LA and ECHO LOUNGE LA. Also, he has worked with many popular artists such as Bob Sinclair, DOOMWORK, RIVA STARR, LISSAT& VOLTAXX have been partying with G1KIM in South Korea at various night events between 2012 ~ 2013 (G1KIM was confirmed opening set DJ)

His music style is deep house and underground house music. Also G1KIM loves playing attractive string melody within groove bass line during his sets.
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Laatste optreden was op woensdag 19 oktober 2016: Kingdom In Da House, La Cage, Amsterdam
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