Lewis Low (foto)
NaamWessel Surenbroek
Genresbass, future house, techhouse
Boekingen viaSite keepitrealmusic.com
Wessel Surenbroek, also known as Lewis Low, is a very talented 20-year-old DJ/Producer. His style is a fusion of funky Tech-, Future-, and Bass House with a unique 'Lewis Low'-flavour of uplifting vocal mashups.
At a young age, Lewis Low began his career at a local DJ school. He entered several contests and battles. Recently he won the regional finals of the Dancetour DJ Clash. His popular and well-received podcast 'Flavours' is being aired worldwide by several radio stations. Currently he is working on producing his own tracks and taking courses in sound enginering. Lewis Low likes to experiment and with his Dance-oriented fusion of countless genres, Wessel puts on an expressive and energetic performance...
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