Fred Ones (foto)
FunctieDJ, rapper
HerkomstVerenigde Staten
Genreship hop
Fred Ones began his journey in hip-hop as a DJ. DJing from the early age of 11 has given Fred an unmatched knowledge of both Old School and New School hip-hop. As a means to share his unique perspective on hip-hop, Fred Ones has been making urban graffiti designed mix tapes and selling them worldwide for more than 10 years. With DJ performances from the Bronx to London, Fred is also no stranger to holding down the turntables globally.

A gifted artist, Fred was also an original member of such influential graf crews as The Hash Crew, OT, and TME. His work has been featured in numerous magazines pictorials and articles, and has paved the way for the recent resurgence of graffiti as a legitimate art form.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 24 september 2016: Urban Matterz, Cacaofabriek, Helmond
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