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NaamRoosmarijn Wind
A brand new DJ is born. From now on SO YANG will be taking over the nightlife scene with her lovely energetic vibe. She knows how to get everyone dancing their ass of with her positive and enthusiastic attitude towards her party people. She will be known for her mix of future beats, hiphop/r&b and house tracks which makes you move your body on the dancefloor. Show of your best moves and dance untill sunrise!

So yang is the brand new DJ name of a inspirational young woman. She is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her mission is to let everyone enjoy their night out to the fullest and let people lose their sense of time while having fun. You can not miss her when she enters a room because of her sparkling and sexy signature look.
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 18 maart 2018: Bloomingdale XXL, Bloomingdale, Bloemendaal aan zee
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