NaamArjen Lubach & Sacha Harland
Functie29 × DJ, 2 × ?, groep
Oud lid
"The Galaxy has a very intellectual and visual way of producing. Everything sounds like the score of an epic movie and then somehow there always are these filthy drops. From a label perspective we fell in love with them 15 seconds into the first demo." - Yellow Claw

After a spontaneous studio-meet-up with fellow producer Cesqeaux in Amsterdam, The Galaxy was signed by Yellow Claw's label Barong Family in late 2015. Their first EP 'Bass Country Club', got a huge response by the online community. ( "The Galaxy's new EP 'Bass Country Club' is nothing but the "louder genres" and oh man is it awesome. The EP is a huge blend of heavy trap, melodic synths and hyped up vocals with some classical piano sprinkled in.")
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