Gemini Jack (foto)
NaamJan Tassier
Leeftijd34 - 35
Genresprogressive, retro, techhouse, techno
DJ and producer from Antwerp, formerly known as DJ Sense (ex-resident of Metrotechno). Alive since 1981, born and raised in Brasschaat and now livin' the good life in Antwerp City, Belgium.

15 years of DJ experience combined with his 10 years of studio-skillz made him already do several remixes for Beatblenderz, Frank De Wullf, Smootrab and Mario !! Now with his first releases on the label "La Musique Du Beau Monde" he's off to being one of belgium's better electronic dance(music) DJ's/producers.

My interest in Music began in the early 90's with my passionate heavy rock and grunge period followed by me discovering house music and al its following styles witch slowly turned into an obsession!
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