NaamFabian Douglas Mazur
FunctieDJ, zanger
GenresEDM, trap
Fabian Mazur started his music career back in 2006. Coming from a musical family where he spent his youth listening to a lot of different genres he quickly discovered that music was his passion!
Since his first official release in 2009 things has been going in the right direction for the young artist. Having produced music for several years exploring hiphop, rnb, house and other genres Fabian was ready to enter the world of music. Since 2010 he has been releasing many tracks and remixes, and his reputation is beginning to expand on the international scene as well as the danish club scene. Gaining support from big players like Trap & Bass and Trapmusic...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 20 oktober 2018: Elysian Records Showcase, Balie, Amsterdam
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