Emerson (foto)
NaamSimon Emerson Kidder
FunctieDJ, producer
As a now respected veteran of Germany's techno scene, Emerson struck a chord with multilayered techno; enriched in quality and indicative of his synthetic electronic style. Founder of the esteemed Micro.fon imprint, he has opened the door and brought driving techno from its barren lands to a new territory built upon groove and bounce.
With releases on Sub Static and freakWaves Emerson has moved through the last decade unearthing a fledging reputation as a turnto producer for those who love a gutful of groove despite how driving and hardfaced the music may be...
Reconnected 02 - Mixed by DJ Emerson · 2 juli 2012
We gaven in de recensie van Monoloc zijn mix al aan dat het tweede deel van CLR's 'Reconnected' compilatieserie afkomstig zou zijn van zijn medelandgenoot DJ Emerson. Nu is het dan zover dat deze digitale release is uitgebracht.
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